Friday, January 20, 2012

the three must be posts

my finished self-portrait surprisingly the background turned out blue but other then that it looks pretty good with that it seems almost like my self is out side but pinkish.


my ultimate gamer collage is finish I've taken into considered that some of my images in this should be hidden and others should be shown off a little more then the others.

metals away

oh how I'm starting to love playing with these awkward saws and the shinny sharp peaces of metals to make my lovely design that i will be putting in my room and I'm not done just yet but when its done it will be a master peace.

Monday, January 9, 2012

artists research post

i chose to type about Do-Ho-Suh who was an artists who's main focus is on designing and make sculptures.  Do-Ho-Suh was born in 1962 and is still alive and making sculptures today. i like this artist because he makes sculptures and i can sort of relate since i make sculptures too but my sculptures are made of play-doh and are smaller, way smaller then his sculptures. these pictures of two of Do-Ho-Suh's sculptures are my favorites the one where big feet are stepping down on a bunch of little people makes me feel ALL POWERFUL, while the pink looking tornado makes me feel happy because i like pink as one of my favorite color and because Ive always been pretty amazed how tornado's work and look like. something i find interesting about Do-Ho-Suh is that he's still alive but also that he's still probably living out his dream of being a professional sculpture which i would love to be but i want to live out my best interest and dream of being.