Friday, January 18, 2013

blind contour

      In art we had to do a blind contour of our selves. For my blind contour I picked to do two blind drawings (without looking at my paper) of myself. I put one of me how i draw and write because I will always lean my head with my hair gathering on most of my face only being able to see one of my eyes. The other I put one of my eyes with my nose and mouth cut half cause my hair covers at least half of my face. I also add cutouts of lips and a section of an eye cause my lips are very distinguishable with it having reddish coloring where my mouth opens and really light pink around it, and I have changing color eyes so I put what the iris looks like most of the time which it has the light brown with light and darker green and blue surrounding the other colors. Finally I put the colors that are in my hair being red and blond and my three favorite colors red, black and white.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ceramic bowls

    In art we have this charity thing we do called empty bowls. This is also connected to the pasta pot luck which is an event where loads of people come to get food like pasta or soup and can donate money for the ceramic bowls that the art classes made. The extra food is given to other places so it doesn't go to waste. I think this is a very nice and fun thing to do for the year and I would like to try to do this for art for the two years I'm at this school. I hope this event turns out nice and people have fun.

paper lanterns

     In art we had to think of a idea for what season shape and thing we would do for the design of out paper lanterns. While doing that we got to practice using an exacting knife to be able to cut the paper properly and to make cuts on the inside of the papers. I picked to do the season of winter since my book has a winter type theme this year. I thought about what. I would pick to do for my lantern while practicing cutting and I made a wolf with the practice paper so I picked to do a white wolf with wolves running a crossed the top of the paper. I thought it should look different from the practice one so I looked for pictures of some wolves and came up with a picture from the anime wolf's rain. After I cut it out I wanted to do something cool with the eyes to make them look scary and mad so I used red tissue paper with a small black paper for the pupil and instead of using white tissue paper for the inside of the lantern I used black which made it look like an eerie glow.

Friday, January 11, 2013

50 artist project

     in art class we had to pick an artist out of a list of 50 others. i chose to do this project on M.C. Escher because i really enjoy his work. M.C. Escher was born in 1898 living in Leeuwarden, Holland. he was left handed but he used his right hand as a model to go off for his drawing hands art. after he finished school he traveled around Italy where he met his wife Jetta Umiker later living in Rome until 1935. He past away in 1972 becoming one of the world's most famous graphic artists.