Monday, January 27, 2014

fortune cookie

we all have received 7 fortune cookies to eat and read the fortunes. we then had to make seance of the fortunes that were inside. i had trouble trying to make seance of them, but after a bit of reading them and putting them in an order that made seance i found something shocking to me. they predicted my future that day i got them. as well as the numbers being on them as my lucky numbers. this painting i made resembles my night that day. with the clock on 7:11 and the anniversary of Lucy. which brings me back to a song i like lucy in the sky with diamonds and then putting diamonds in one of the faces glowing a shinning on the other face. the faces resemble closeness of to people which turned out to be me and my boyfriend that night. and the starie sky is actually the life stream with is like a wide river of all life as one

Sunday, January 26, 2014


i picked to make my stamp resemble something meaningful to me. i had dream catchers as a child and i love to dream day and night. i also love poetry mostly Edgar Allen Poe. My favorite story by him was the raven. So I put the raven in the dream catcher with raven feathers on the bottom of it. 

art x3