Saturday, April 6, 2013

story blog post (The Fear of the Interesting)

The Fear of the Interesting

         There's a large amount of things that can be considered scary throughout the world in peoples opinions. But there are few people that consider these scary things interesting in any way they could imagine.
As a kid I have always loved these bizarre objects and creatures. I would always run up to something that would catch my eyes either good or bad because once I got to see the miscellaneous thing I would look at it in a curious way and try to find out more. I believe every object, person, animal, plant, and life in this world has a fearful characteristic to it in a way but can still cause curiosity.

          Ever since I could remember I would always catch insects of all kinds in fields of green lush grass with the aroma of an assortment of flowers and trees. I would keep them in a small container that I could pick up and get to see all around of what it looked like and did. from this new found way of getting to be that close to them without endangering the life of the creature I began obtaining them in any way possible. I would get so worked up to get a single bug just to get to see all of these intriguing little lives. After the years of seeing them in all their glory I stopped trying to capture them and have settled with getting to see all of the interesting uniqueness whenever they are around me at the time.

         My experience with animals have greatly increased as I got older that every time I when to a pet store the little kid would come out of me for getting the sight of all the vibrant colors of the fish in the tanks lined up for the best view, the noises you would hear from all the birds and rodents pulling me to discover what was occurring and try to mimic them with some of the little creatures to scurry over to the sides of the tanks, and the the smells of the waters simulating the scent of creeks, oceans and forests. Every animal I would see all in the same area at once peeked my interest no matter the sight of the animal. The breaded dragon was the first reptile that I grown to find the most interesting of all the others with its fearsome scales and claws making it look as if a dragon in a fairy tale scaring towns and villagers and looking so intense when it looks at you being in plain sight for me to look at astonishingly. After the many years of craving the interesting animal I now get to own my personal one. For me being able to see and learn so much about my companion is just mesmerizing every morning she awakes, the times she gets to see the eye hating sun and baths in its warm through the window, and every night where she will always settle in her spots on the smooth yet rough looking log by the wall of the tank with her head raised against the sides of clear containing her. I get to see each of the diamond shaped scales surrounding the body holding every color in the spot it was placed and the needle like claws. But the most intense and startling characteristic of the bearded dragon that most see in a ghastly way is the spikes encasing its head and rowing the sides of the torso although some find that scary others find it both scary at the same time intense and amazing to look at.

         Having been in art last year I decided to go into it again this year from all the sounds that the materials make, the sights of all the work people put in the drawings and other products, and the welcoming hands of the students that join you on your journey you will all take part in make the room filled with paint brushes, paper and pencils to a vast world of colors being dragged and collided on the brain with the senses you've engaged. Having the variety of a list of others who have painted or still are painting the world with art of all kinds I choose to pick an artist that would give me thought from the sight so I picked the artist M.C. Escher with his intense and intricate drawings. The one that immediately grasped my sight was the skull poster of one of his early works with the distortion in the teeth giving it a creepy look made me very intrigued. Having the intensity in the shading and the distortion look of the shaping of the teeth and front of the skull was so different from other skull drawing I've seen or even did myself I felt as if it was thing from a nightmare that filled me with so much fear that i was drawn to it. Seeing this skull drawings distorted teeth also reminded me of how when I was a kid I had an extra eyetooth that has a similar look to one of the teeth in the skull drawing. Due to this drawings difference of shaping and intensity made most scared but might have intrigued others.

           Living in this world many things have became or will become known as scary, creepy, and make some fearful of whatever it is. While others having a different look on the thing of being scary but at the same time interesting. This could be good or bad for the world in the future for people. Even so I want to keep living my life seeing things in a way that suits me whether its good or bad, for myself or others and scary yet interesting.

                                                   M.C. Escher: early poster 1920 or 1921
                                                            (creepy/scary skull drawing)

 fearsome breaded dragon closeup

nightmarish/spine-chilling spider
(my Easter gift)