Wednesday, November 2, 2011

face to face 2

today i found out I'm not done my self-portrait i needed to wash the ink off more and now i just have to let it dry and then ill be drawing on it with colored pencils to make it look nicer and to make it look more realistic. hope it turns out awesomely awesome. 'U'

oh the memories

this marking period has been fun and great,with Mrs.kiick here its been interesting with the things she picked for us to do all year,but i don't like it when she is trying or gets me to work all day jk (just kidding) i like the work that i have to do all day but i don't know much with painting and inking with my self-portrait since i haven't really painted just on paper I'm more used to painting on my things i make with clay or on ceramics over at color me mine.i just hope ill not go mentally insane from Kate or Katie the girl who chases me down the hall,the stars,in my class room now,is in my art class,and who wore a hot dog dog suite for Halloween to school. wish me luck and hope i can have great pictures next marking period. 'U'

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

technology is meeting artsy

i am going to be working on my technology drawing for my art class I'm going to make it almost imposable to know what it is.

face to face

I'm now finally done my self portrait and my minny one too.